High standard of visual art images

01 About the author

02-1 Photo in 1988 with a symposium held at the FRPS and ARPS of R P S in Taiwan

02-2 photographer Lee Loong-Hua and his wife

03 Fishing on the rocky shore(沿岸海釣)

04 Night coast

05 Seaside fishing at dusk

06 Mist sea angler

07 Dense fog filling stone troughs

08 A rocky coast like a rose

09 Waiting for the port to unload

10 In the early morning on the shore angler

11 Stable mind watching the sea seems to by calm

12 Watch colorful sea

13 Cold and warm running water

14 Crashing waves crashing up and down

15 Shooting the spray in the early morning

16 Beaded collapse wave accompany angler


18 Sunset coast drain

19 Disheveled like seaweed

20 In the early morning growing seaweed rocky shore

21 Sea lion stroll stone troughs

22 Filamentous wave

23 Wave crash near the lighthouse in the evening.JPG

24 Seems like a collapsing ice wave

25 阻滯潰浪

26 Waves hit the rocky coast in early morning crash

27 晨光照石槽紅綠海菜

28 Red and green seaweed stone troughs

29 In early morning sunshine seaweed rocky coast

30 Sun light sea in the early morning

31 The fierce waves next to the lighthouse

32 Fishing boats in group at dusk

33 海釣與飛行傘

34 前往垂釣地點

35 Illuminating the light trails of dangerous routes

36 急彎道路

37 Another scene of colorful light trails

38 Traces of the car under the tree lighting

39 S-type trace

40 After the volcanic activity of its crystalline sulfur vent

41 踏步於危險的硫磺噴口區

42 Miscanthus overgrown trail to enjoy smoke

43 Hot smoke whisk children

44 Gorgeous competition between cars and rocks

45 The birds set out in a cold climate

46 One pair of mandarin ducks swimming leisurely

47 Double ants in the grass

48 Windward waiting for prey

49 Enjoy and take magpie flying

50 Rohan talk thing

51 Sitting watching the waterfall

52 Photography on the track of the passing motorcycles

53 AS one focused on Buddhism

54 Protection of seedling is not dry

55 Paddy field

56 艇拖人滑板活動

57 Dusk fishing port

58 Dawn shoot overlapping peaks

59 Morning snow covered tree

60 Watch peaks under the umbrella

61 Watch and shoot Chrysanthemum show


63 Emerald slender bamboo group

64 Sweet egrets the family

65 紅喙理毛為郎容

66 Island group and residential house

67 Fishing in the beautiful sea

68 A row of waves rushing rocks

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