Cavendish Square.jpg

Photograph by

John Kelly

About this image

This is Aurora (2013), the largest single piece sculpture Tim Morgan has built. Aurora exemplifies the elegant engineering complexity that is a feature of Tim’s work. It is made from two 18 meter long belts of rolled, welded and painted steel, and thousands of hand cut glass rods. Its tense, wound form is balanced by its bright and playful, vibrant yellow paint. Where the steel belts delaminate the space is filled by the glass, and ambient light from the sun, buildings and traffic, is focused into bright eye-catching slivers. In this way the sculpture’s appearance is particularly dependent on its environment and changes as the day passes. The circular form of the sculpture subtly displays its engineering. It also suggests common cultural symbols; those of the Greek infinity icon or the originally Egyptian motif of a serpent eating its own tail. In addition the work pulls off a slight optical illusion: the single belt appears to many viewers to be two. Placed in the semi-natural environment of Cavendish Square, the simple steel and glass form of the sculpture contrasts with the fractal complexity of nature.