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Pull by Mark Buckley-Sharp ARPS

['Pull' by Mark Buckley-Sharp ARPS]


Welcome to the pages of the Thames Valley Region, which covers Beds, Herts, Bucks, Oxfordshire, and part of Berkshire.

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IMPORTANT: Text of broadcast message, week ending May 18th 2018.

Dear Thames Valley Region member,

My name is Nicola Young, Volunteer Support Manager for the RPS, and I am writing to ask if you may be interested in volunteering within your Region?

The Society has a wide range of volunteer roles available, with something to suit every interest, skill level and schedule - from organising events and exhibitions to creating original publications.

The Thames Valley Region is in particular need of a new Regional Organiser (for more information, please see the role description attached), but there are plenty of other roles available for anyone who would like to get more involved.

Benefits of volunteering with the RPS include:

  • A full RPS induction
  • Appropriate resources and assistance to help you carry out your role
  • Recognition for your volunteering
  • The services of a dedicated Volunteer Support Manager
  • Agreed out-of-pocket expenses reimbursed in accordance with Society policy

If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information, please contact me directly and/or visit the volunteers page on the RPS website.

Kind regards,


Nicola Young
Volunteer Support Manager
07539 367714
The Royal Photographic Society



The images on our introductory page are from the Exhibition held in October 2016:
1)  Foreground: Decay by Gillian Morgan ARPS (Voted 1st). Background: Tulips in Decay by Gillian Morgan ARPS.
2)  Foreground: Mobile Communication by John Credland ARPS (Voted 2nd). Background: Canary Wharf by Terry Day LRPS.
3)  Foreground: Saints Peter & Paul in the Mist by Danny Ewers (Voted 3rd). Background: The Basket by Judy Buckley-Sharp LRPS.
4)  Foreground: Isolation by Gareth Hughes LRPS (Voted 4th). Background: Stairs by John Bull LRPS.
5)  Foreground: A Glass of Smoky Red by Kathy Chantler LRPS (Voted 5th). Background: Painted Lady by Kathy Chantler LRPS.
6)  Foreground: Goldfish Checks Out Black Hole by Don Lanstone LRPS (Voted 6th). Background: Storm Brewing over Shard by Don Lanstone LRPS.
Note: Backgrounds are derived from the authors' images and may be cropped or scaled to fit.


All events require prior booking, and are normally open equally to members and non-members.


A Group event will appear in the events list for the Region where it is being held.
Particularly if you live near a regional boundary, be sure to look at events for our neighbouring regions. You are not limited as to which events you may attend. You can also search for Events via your postcode and distance.