Ilya's Course Blog - Week 3

23 June 2015

Region: London

The third instalment of Ilya's blog from the RPS/OU course.

This week’s sessions were “designed around the idea of a journey of how a digital image is created, beginning with light and ending with the data files that are stored in our camera and computers”. Basically  it was all the beginner stuff (great technical word) that needs to be covered: Tour of camera, difference between eye and sensor, intro to sensor, shutter speed, ISO, focal length, colour and white balance, types of compression files, a bit on resolution for screen and why that is different to print….. It all has to be covered but it doesn’t make very interesting reading here so I will move on. And I finally found out what EXIF data is. Previously it was a word I tried to avoid.

On this course, whenever you need distraction you can have a look at what people have been discussing in the forums. It is distracting, but in an enjoyable way. I am particularly enjoying Vincent’s thread called Why This Course? We have all been posting about why we joined this OU/RPS course. If you enrol in the future, I urge you to start a similar thread in the Café forum. Reasons are very varied but a common one is to help get ready for the LRPS. Some poor soul wrote in one of the technical forums about both her hard drives failing this week and another about dust spots on the sensor, both of which elicited lots of advice from fellow students. Everyone appears to be thoroughly enjoying the social side, welcoming late comers, offering helpful advice and a few jokes. I already think I may miss this on tap company and advice in a couple of months when it is over. It is fun and characters are coming across.

Commenting and receiving comment on images is still a core part. I had a mini fright this week. I really try not say things in a negative way. One response to a comment I made this week was “you are almost certainly right but the bending is getting to me”! I could not understand what he was saying, unless…. was he referring to me being too polite in the feedback? What a relief that it turned out he meant bending down to get the shot. I guess he has a bad knee.

I am particularly happy to report an unexpected side effect, the return of youth; I’m 20 years old again! Doing the course entitles me to apply for an NUS card which I did immediately I heard. That alone makes this course worth doing. I already used it to get into the RA Summer Exhibition at the student rate.

One of the assignments this week was to take pictures of your favourite person, place or thing. I took one of a favourite object as you can see the image above.

Image © Ilya Fisher

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24 July 2015

Hi Ilya, I am just catching up with your sharing here. You write so well. This OU course is SOLD, but I am glad I missed the registration deadline as life has been enormously stressful even since the BL PV when I last saw you briefly. Enjoy your summer/autumn as it's raining non-stop today.

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