Ilya's Course Blog Week 7

27 July 2015

Region: London

This courses takes you places other beginners courses only dream of; the range of areas covered is extensive for a £200 beginner’s course. Week 6 is all about printing and projecting your photos. We looked at different types of monitors and screens and how to make a slideshow on Lightroom. Then it was on to printing and a really interesting explanation of colours created by reflection leading to a discussion on the use of magenta, yellow and cyan inks instead of red, green and blue.  I found this fascinating, it makes beautiful sense. After this though, it got into details of colour management for printing at home. I admit that I got confused and decided to leave this until I am ready to start printing at home.

There have been discussions on the forum about just this, printing at home, and how if you set all the printing details correctly and choose your papers wisely the quality is guaranteed. One of the moderators has been particularly inspiring saying that, for her, photography starts in the camera and ends with printing yourself, giving us encouraging  tips on home printing, profiling and papers.

I’d like to mention that the course has been getting more demanding as the weeks go by, which is a good thing as it goes far beyond the beginners course I did a few months ago at a respected London college. However I think many of us are finding that this, coupled with the summer holidays and the increased demands on our time from family, is causing some of us to struggle a little. It means we are getting some fabulous images from other student’s travels but sadly finding less time to comment on the images.

I’ve got to get back to it so I’ll leave you with an image from my trip to Cornwall. The assignment was to take photos on a theme of your choice. I visited Geevor, a Cornish mine closed in 1990 and now preserved as a museum. My theme was rust.