Ilya's Course Blog - Week 6

18 July 2015

Region: London

I’m not going to be able to take a break from being impressed with this course.  The range of themes is further developed with this week’s ‘Understanding and Using Colour’. We were treated to theory and practical teaching around the subject of colour including: light waves, the eye, the sensor, emitted and reflected light, RGB/yellow-cyan-magenta, white balance, hue, saturation and brightness, complementary colours and other effective combinations. I particularly enjoyed the colour blindness test which tested all three types of light-seeing cones in the eye, L cones, M cones and S cones. If you have deficiencies in any of the cones, it is often the L cones. These are sensitive to larger wavelengths, that is red light.

We were shown, in an excellent interactive way, how colours look more colourful against a less colourful frame and vice versa. And I loved the smooth description (referring to terms such as hue and saturation) of how “We must adopt the vocabulary of artists if we are to become artists of photography”!

Now is a good time to mention that there are two formal assessments for the course. I don’t yet know much about the final one other than it makes up 90% of our final score and that we submit a panel of 10 images (sounds familiar!) and some written work. The current, earlier assessment is called a ‘quiz’ and is made up of mostly multiple choice questions testing understanding of the first 6 weeks of the course. It has been open for a few weeks and you can dip in and out of the questions prior to the deadline of 16th July, answering when you want to in your own time. You get several attempts to answer most of the questions (score decreases each time) and you are told instantly how you did. It is not difficult but does require some thought and sometimes it helps to refer back to lesson notes.

This image above is one that I took and shared on the course this week. I used the cloudy white balance setting in Lightroom to help bring out the beautiful colour of the sunset.

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24 July 2015

Always such a joy to follow your progress Ilya. I am on a five-week beginners' course in Lightroom, so this would help prepare me for all the video tutorials on your course come autumn.

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