Pinhole Photography Workshop

20 October 2019

09:30 - 16:00

South Gare
South Gare
United Kingdom
TS10 5NX

RPS Member£50.00 
Non RPS Member£60.00 

Image © Ian Burton

It is widely accepted that the pinhole camera was the first purpose made camera that could capture

an image on light sensitive material via a tiny aperture. Using a tiny aperture increases the depth of

field and perceived level of sharpness, but the tradeoff is increased diffraction. In turn this

diffraction is what gives pinhole photography that beautiful soft, ethereal, dreamy quality.

The Tutors

Andrew Atkinson & Ian Burton are two expert pinhole photographers who have agreed to lead a

Pinhole Workshop for our region. The day will be split between South Gare (Redcar) & Saltburn by

the Sea. These locations have been carefully chosen for all levels of experience to help build

confidence and increase your chances of coming away with some amazing photographs.

Andrew & Ian have a limited supply of pinhole cameras that use film they could loan out on a first

come first served basis, but they believe it would be best for everyone to use their own digital

cameras & they will supply pinhole caps for the workshop. This reduces the cost of film and

developing, but don’t worry there will be a chance to try your hand at the analogue technique to

give you an authentic taste of this genre of photography. Details of individuals’ cameras will need to

be known well in advance so that caps will be available on the day.


Their website is: you can view a selection of their

work, pinhole cameras used and workshops they offer.

Ian has recently launched a YouTube channel, if you would like to see his work and thoughts you can

look here:


Prior knowledge:

It is assumed that those attending will have a basic knowledge of photography and have an

understanding of aperture, shutter speeds and exposure.


What to bring:

Packed lunch and drinks

A Digital camera (which you know very well.)

Plenty of battery power

Plenty of SD/CF cards


...and a little imagination

All weather clothing

Reporting instructions will be emailed to attendees nearer the workshop date.


Carol Palmer
Email the event organiser

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